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WarpDrive is the world’s first of its kind – offering full control anytime, anywhere.

Start, stop, and configure WarpDrive from the web or from your phone 24/7.

WarpDrive can control up to all 8 ships simultaneously.

Run up to 20 consecutive plans back-to-back to complete just about any objective you like.

Rep Grind, Hostile Grind, Scout Hunting, Mining – the list goes on and on.

Monitor WarpDrive’s progress via the NerdyBots¬†WarpDrive Stats page. Ensure that WarpDrive is on task at all times!

Safest bot on the market! WarpDrive does not interfere with the STFC game client or modify/sniff the network traffic. WarpDrive’s unique keyboard and mouse control make it the safest STFC bot available.

Customizable! Our YouTube Videos show you how to add different mine types and hostile types which is just as simple as taking a screenshot!

What is the best STFC BOT?

First FREE STFC BOT you control from your phone!

We think the answer is clear! WarpDrive offers all the best features, is the most technologically advanced, and is the safest bot available today. Step into the future with WarpDrive by NERDYBOTS!

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