WarpDrive - Ship & Crew Assignments

As part of the WarpDrive v3.0 release you can now change your ships and crews for each Dock in each Plan!

This is an extremely powerful new feature that gives you the ability to select which Ship and Crew to assign for each Dock. Paired with sequential plans, this feature allows a user to effectively finish every loop in STFC with ease before you get up for your morning coffee.

As an example, you can set up several sequential plans that will run different loops. (You may even decide to run these same plans every day at midnight.) Your first plan could be “Freebooters”. For Dock 1, select the Ship and Crew that will grind Freebooters, and Set Docks 2-8 to mining.  Set a hostile kill limit as desired and check the “Recall when complete Yes” option.

For Plan 2, let’s say you want to do your Xindi grind – change the Ship and Crew for Dock 1 to your Xindi Grind preference and make sure to set “Send to system at startup Yes” option.

When your Freebooters plan completes, your Ship will recall, change the Ship and Crew and send it back out to start your Xindi grind. You can add up to 20 sequential plans to run and change ships/crews as needed.  This is an exciting new feature that makes grinding every loop in STFC easy.

Please note for token systems – When a ship or crew assignment is present in the plan, your ship will be recalled at the beginning of the plan to ensure the correct ship and crew are on board, so don’t send your ship to the token system manually before starting the plan.

Swap STFC Ships and Crews with WarpDrive v2.2

Instructions for Adding Ships and Crews:

  1. Navigate to the WarpDrive folder images-xxxx-xxxx/03_AdvFeatures/
  2. Add as many images as you like with the names:
    1. shipImage01.PNG
    2. shipImage02.PNG
    3. crewImage01.PNG
    4. crewImage02.PNG … and so on.
  3. Select from a list of pre-defined ships and crews from the drop-down menu (see image above) for each Dock Assignment.

An example of what those images should look like are found within that folder or as follows:

STFC Vidar Talios Assignment
USS Crozier
Choose which crew to assign to your dock!
Choose your Xindi grinding Crew!

For Ship Images – ensure you do not capture the area that the checkmark would appear in the upper right corner when a ship is already assigned to that dock.  i.e. Your saved image should match whether or not the checkmark is present on the screen.

For Crew Images –  Capture the entire preset name area stretching over to just before the first officer avatar image, even if your preset name is shorter. *

And that’s it! It’s easy to add custom Ships and Crews and instruct WarpDrive to consequtively grind whatever loop you like!

*Currently, this feature only works with Officer Presets that you have already defined.