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Download the latest version of WarpDrive. The Dropbox link contains everything you need. Please watch How to Install and How to Configure videos to get you started.

Release Notes:

Version 2.1 – 03/14/2024 – Added Xindi, Texas, and Silent hostiles, added custom hostile type option, updated send to system logic to send to random location instead of center of system, updated cutting beam image to support 200% prime, improved accuracy of locating closest hostile, increase maximum saved plans from 10 to 20.  See Upgrade_Instructions.txt for instructions to upgrade from previous versions.

Rippers Mod Update 02/06/24 – The February 6 STFC game update was incompatible with the previous version of Rippers Mod (version.dll) that WarpDrive uses.  Please download the latest version.dll from the button above and replace it in the folder where you have the game stored (prime.exe).  This is a necessary update for WarpDrive to continue working properly.

Version 2.0 – 12/23/2023 – Added support for Borg Cube grinding, Voyager grinding and mining, Auto-grinding, enabled Scout Hunting for multiple ships simultaneously, added ability to hunt custom hostile levels. 

** Image Update ** 11/12/23 – The 11/8 STFC game update included a few minor graphics changes that have required us to update some images.  If you are already running Version 1.9 (the latest version), please click the Image Update Download” button above and copy the new images into your appropriate images folders.  The new images are also included in the full Version 1.9 download, so new users need not download the images update.

Version 1.9 – 10/03/23 – Upgraded web server access infrastructure to increase user limits that were causing “Failed to receive WarpDrive status from server” messages, fixed bug introduced in version 1.8 which prevented sending to systems Sol and Hann. 

Version 1.8 – 08/29/23 – Added support for Hirogen Hunters, added ability to search for systems with icons in the name, added ability to use dillithium tokens for repairs, added option to use latinum for speedups, added option to repair ship without speedups (waits for timer to repair ship), added some improved mine images.  

Version 1.7 – 07/23/23 – Added Pause Button to GUI !!! Recall after plan complete now starts ship repair, added new high-level scout systems, added support for dark-space Federation and Romulan hostiles, improved data mining accuracy, fixed bug that would hang up on repair menu if no speedups are available, increased pause between selecting ships to prevent sending wrong ship if game lags, added config to enable slowing of operations to improve performance if your game/PC has slower connection.  

Version 1.6 – 06/23/23 – Clear previous ship orders if no ship plan is running, don’t send ships home at beginning of plan if no grinders, fix scout hunting bug that could cause crash if send to system failed, improve ease of use in Setup window.  

Version 1.5 – 06/09/23 – SPEED UPDATES!!!  Improves speed for both screen resolutions, but drastically improves speed of 4k .  Fixed bug for Corrupted Data mining.  Updated to latest version of Ripper’s mod.  

Version 1.4 – 06/01/23 – Fixed bug that could cause a crash if grinding with Ship 8, improved auto-shield recognition of station attack, added Recall when Full Cargo option for grinders, corrected location of CDataNode image files for 4k resolution.  

Version 1.3 – 05/23/23 – Added “Lost” hostiles, added scheduled start/stop times for Plan 1, added individual ship status to stats page, miners attempt to send directly to node without going to center of system first.  

Version 1.2 – 05/12/23 – Added Scout Hunting, split configurations for sending helps and collecting chests, improved recovery for internet connectivity loss, improved performance for dead hostile avoidance, added recognition of both Klingon types (new images included) 

Version 1.1 – 05/02/23 – Added new systems, improved recovery for internet connectivity loss, reset warp token count on stop/start, added Assimilated hostiles, image file updates

Version 1.0 – 04/21/23 – Initial release of WarpDrive