WarpDrive - Borg Cube Grinding

Borg Cube Grinding allows you grind hostiles with your Borg Cube and select which hostiles you want to grind normally and which hostiles you want to attack using the Borg Cube cutting beam.

To do this, select “Borg CuBorg Cube Grinding Optionsbe Grinding” under “Mission” during setup of a particular ship instructions. You will notice two menus appear, one that says “Borg Primary Target Ship Types” and a menu below that says “Borg Cutting Beam Target Ship Types”. 

  • Borg Primary Target Ship Types
    • These are the hostiles your Borg Cube will grind normally
  • Borg Cutting Beam Target Ship Types
    • These are the hostile types your Borg Cube will attack with the cutting beam

Note: You can also use the “Custom Hostile” feature to determine exactly what type of hostiles to grind and/or use the cutting beam on.

Instructions to Add Custom Hostiles for the Borg Cutting Beam:

  1. Select the “Custom” checkbox under the “BorWarpDrive Borg Cutting Beam Custom Hostile Checkboxg Cutting Beam Target Ship Types” when setting up a “Borg Cube Grinding” ship.
  2. Navigate to the WarpDrive folder images-xxxx-xxxx/03_AdvFeatures/
  3. Add as many images as you like with the names:
    1. borgCutBeamTarget01.PNG
    2. borgCutBeamTarget02.PNG
    3. borgCutBeamTarget03.PNG …. and so on.

An example of what these images should look like are below:

WarpDrive - Borg Cutting Beam custom hostile example 

We recommend trimming the images down as much as possible such that WarpDrive will properly click the hostiles when targeting.

And that’s it! It’s easy to add custom hostiles and instruct WarpDrive to grind whatever hostile you like!