WarpDrive - Custom Ship Types

As part of the WarpDrive 2.0 release you can now add custom ship types to your daily grind.  This will allow you to specify not only what type of ship to attack, but also the level.

When setting up a grinding ship, select the “CWarpDrive - Custom Hostile Checkboxustom” checkbox in the “Hostile Type” menu. Note, you can still select other checkboxes if you wish to grind any hostile of that ship type. Custom Ships can work in conjunction with other Ship Types that are selected and can be used on their own.

Once you select the “Custom” checkbox you will need to navigate to the folder where WarpDrive is installed and add images of the custom ships you would like to grind. You may add as many images as you like however, please note that the more images you add, the slower WarpDrive may become as it takes longer to search the screen for each custom image (we recommend 2-3).

Instructions for Adding Custom Ship Types:

  1. Check the “Custom” checkbox when setting up a “Grinding” ship
  2. Navigate to the WarpDrive folder images-xxxx-xxxx/02_BasicUse/
  3. Add as many images as you like with the names:
    1. hostileCustom01.PNG
    2. hostileCustom02.PNG
    3. hostileCustom03.PNG … and so on

An example of what those images should look like are found within that folder or as follows:

WarpDrive Custom Hostile Image Example    WarpDrive Custom Hostile Example

We recommend trimming the images down as much as possible such that WarpDrive will properly click the hostiles when targeting.

And that’s it! It’s easy to add custom hostiles and instruct WarpDrive to grind whatever ship type you like!