WarpDrive - Auto Grinding / Voyager Grinding

New with WarpDrive 2.0 are two new auto grinding features. One is called “Auto Grinding” and the other is called “Voyager Grinding“.

Auto Grinding is intended primarily for use with the Monoveen ship, where you must send your ship into a texas-class system and allow your ship to be repeatedly attacked. This allows you to collect Neural Net Chips and the Active Net Chips. This is especially useful since attacking or grinding texas-class ships will remove any base shield you may have active. With Auto Grinding enabled your ship will continue floating in the system you specify until it explodes. If you have “Return to system” selected your ship will return and continue to Auto Grind indefinitely.

Note: Auto Grinding can also be used with any ship in Augment space or any space where your faction reputation warrants an attack. Alternatively, WarpDrive users may choose to simply grind those hostiles instead.

Voyager Grinding is similar to Auto Grinding in that you can send your Voyager ship deep into the Delta Quadrant and your Voyager will automatically use the ships Advanced Sensors to summon Bio-Species ships. Your ship will summon ships until it runs out of Ablative Amplifiers or until your ship explodes. You can also set your ship to use a hostile limit in which case it will only summon as many ships as your hostile limit indicates. You may then select to “Recall when complete” if you want your ship to return to the station.